Fresh Details: Ntando Duma was fired from Rhythm City after refusing to give the manager a nice bl0wj0b


Seems like the internet is up to no good. It has been rumoured that Ntando Duma was fired from Rhythm City after refusing to give the manager a nice bl0w-j0b but we managed to get fresh details regarding the matter.

It’s been just over a week since Ntando announced she had left Rhythm City and her fans have already started speculating about what she will be up to next. Well, we think we know.

Ntando has been quiet about her future, only telling fans in her announcement that she was leaving to go and follow her dreams.

So, what are Ntando’s dreams?

While we may not be in her head or even qualified to throw the bones to find out what Ntando’s future holds, she did tell us that she wanted to take over the big screen in 2017.

In an interview prior to her departure from Rhythm City, Ntando said that she has a list of her goals and next to 2017 is written: ‘Become a movie star’.

“I always said that I would become a movie actor in 2017. I wrote 2017 because I knew that I needed to develop my acting and I feel like 2017 is the year that I will finally be ready to achieve my dream. People will see fire on screens because I will be emotionally, professionally ready. People must watch out because I am going to slay,” she added.

Ntando revealed that she has been approached to star in several movies and that she was considering her options.

“I have been auditing for movies. I would love to be part of a bigger cast and the excitement of a big project. If I had to leave Rhythm City it would be to spread my wings and act in movies,” she added.

We would pay to see that!