Nigerian owned Joburg SHOP closed down after secretly recording women in changing rooms


An indigenous Johannesburg Boutique has been clamped down by the Police after it emerged that the perverted shop owner in cahoots with his male employees were in the habit of clandestinely recording innocent ladies as they tried on clothes in the shop.

The shop is reportedly owned by a Nigerian national and while investigations are still ongoing, suspicion is rife that the owner is the chief architect in the design of the illicit activity judging by the intricate setup of the video equipment. It is believed the images and video recordings were being sold to the highest bidders in the adult industry.

The shenanigans were unearthed after an alert female customer told Police she had been trying on clothes in the changing room inside the Boutique when she saw a very small device protruding from under the wall. “As I was picking up my clothes I noticed a pen-like instrument with a a very small but sharp blue light,”she told LiveMonitor. “When I went to check it out, I realised it was a ballpoint pen with a built-in video camera. I think many women spotted the device and never thought anything of it, but then I am an electronics enthusiast and this is how I busted them”

The woman(name withheld for her safety) kept her calm and paid for her purchase before contacting the police who then together with a Forensics team managed to discover the devices. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING