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Daily Buzz SA- My story starts with my husband, Andrew being at home alone. He is mowing the lawn when a car pulls up and out gets Kath, my sister. Kath is 37, mid length black hair, medium size figure, (SA size 14) with quite large br3asts (36***DD). She is very annoyed and slams the car door as she gets out.

“Problems?” Andrew asks.

“Too right, that bastard Clive has been shagging some woman at the office again and I have had enough, where’s Al?”

“Sorry Kath, she’s not in, she has gone into town.”

“Terrific, how long will she be?”

“Who knows maybe an hour, maybe two, maybe less.”

“Well I’ll wait, got anything to drink?” Kath asks.

Andrew puts the mower to one-side and takes Kath into the house. She makes herself comfortable in the lounge and he opens a bottle of wine.

The two of them sit in silence for a while, whilst Kath has a drink and fumes away at what her husband has been doing.

“Look I’ll ring Allison on her cell phone, she’ll come right home,” Andrew suggests.

“No leave her, not a lot she can do anyway apart from offer me sympathy and help me drink this.”

“So how long has Clive been seeing this woman?”

“Well he confessed to shagging her last year and said it would never happen again, but now it has, of course he is all apologetic, and promises he’ll never do it again, but I think it will, I am just not good enough anymore.” And with that Kath starts to cry.

Andrew, like a typical man, doesn’t really know what to do, but decides to give her some comfort and goes over to Kath and gives her a hug. For a few moments Kath cries into his shoulder and then turns to him and says “If I was your wife, would you cheat on me?”

“Of course not Kath.”

“Why not?”

“Well, Um, because your very nice and if you were my wife I would love you too much.”

“Do you really think I’m nice?”

“Course you are Kath, your um very pretty.”

“Do you think I have a nice figure? ’cause Clive seems to prefer skinny women.”

“You’ve got a great figure Kath, you look great for a woman in her late thirties.”

“I don’t think he likes my t*ts either, have you ever known a man not to like big t*ts and to prefer little pimples like you see on some of those models?”….Read more on the next page simply go below this page CLICK>>>2