New Adorable Pics Of Baby Royalty Revealed


Too cute for words! Chris Brown and Nia Guzman-Amey officially have the cutest baby girl in the world — it’s no wonder Chris wants to spend all his time with her! Nia took to Instagram on March 27 to share an adorable pic of their little one, Royalty, on her special day of turning 10 months old.
Royalty: Pic Of Chris Brown’s Daughter Posted By Nia Amey
We’re seeing double! Nia’s up-close pic of Royalty shows a very close resemblance to her daddy, as they share the same button nose. We’ve seen pics of Royalty before, when entering Chris’ tour bus with Nia, but now we really get a good look at her adorable little face in new pics!


“GUESS WHO IS 10 MONTHS TODAY?,” Nia captioned the pic of Royalty, who brought cool to a whole new level while rocking a “#Flawless” tee. Also, her doe-eyed expression with her long lashes is seriously so cute!


We wonder if Chris is doing anything to celebrate Royalty’s big 10 months! He’s been such a great dad to his little princess and is dedicated to being there every step of the way. Not only has he made his cell phone background a pic of her, but he’s also making time to see her while he’s busy touring every day. That’s some major dedication!


Chris Brown On Nia Amey: She’s A ‘Good Mom’ To Royalty
Royalty is so lucky to have two wonderful parents who love her unconditionally. In addition to Chris’ efforts of being a good dad, Chris also believes that “Nia’s always looking out for Royalty,” as EXCLUSIVELY told you.


“She doesn’t let her cry too long. She’s always attentive and checking on her,” a source told us. “Feeding her, holding her, singing and playing with her. Chris enjoys watching Nia shower Royalty with love. It reminds him of how Joyce use to spoil him rotten when he was a kid.”


Chris wants the entire package for Royalty, wanting to raise her together with Nia. She’s one lucky little girl!