Wife’s Friend Got Her Curious About Younger Guy and Big DlCK….(Hot Story)


Daily Buzz SA-Wife’s Friend Got Her Curious About Younger Guy and Big DlCK….(Hot Story).take your time and read this best story of the day


“I want to watch you f*ck my wife,” Eric suddenly whispered, as he stood next to me at the quiet end of the club’s bar.

“You want to what?!” I sputtered in disbelief. If I hadn’t just swallowed, I would have probably choked on my drink.


He moved closer and repeated, “I want to watch you f^ck my wife,” as I stood there dumfounded.


“What kind of a man says something like that to a casual acquaintance?!” I thought. “Or, to anyone, for that matter?! This guy is really drunk!”

“What’s the matter?” Eric slurred. “Don’t you like my wife? What the hell, you spend enough time dancing with her every weekend!”


I did like to dance with Roxanne, as well as a number the other women, at our town’s little social club. You know the kind of place I’m talking about; one of those small town clubs with the big antlered animal splattered across its emblem. Anyway, there had never been anything more than dancing and innocent conversation between Eric’s wife and me, and nothing more than small talk between Eric and me. I didn’t even know the couple all that well! After all, I wasn’t one of the town’s natives. I had only moved there after taking my first job out of college. I liked to dance, Roxanne liked to dance, and Eric didn’t like to dance. So, Roxanne and I got together, fairly often, on the club’s dance floor on Saturday nights. That was all there was to our relationship. (Such was the social life of a young, single guy, who wasn’t in any hurry to get married, in a small town that seemed to be full of desperate to get married, divorced and desperate to get remarried, and married women.)

“What’s the matter, Alex?” Eric repeated indignantly. “Isn’t my wife good enough for you?”

In truth, Roxanne was an attractive, m@ture lady. On top of that, she had a friendly, outgoing, vivacious personality. But, that wasn’t really the point.

“Your wife is a very attractive woman, Eric,” I said carefully. “But, I think you’ve had way too much to drink tonight.”

“I’m not drunk.”

“Then, where did this come from, all of a sudden?”

“Eric hesitated, then quietly admitted, “I’ve been trying to talk Roxy into it for a long time. This week, she finally said she’d do it. Besides, Roxy likes you.”…..READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>2