My husband was a peaceful man ‘says Flabba’s wife’


Nkululeko and Mpho Habedi spent 20 years of their lives together and were parents to their 12-year old daughter, Lesego. Flabba’s wife denied that he was a violent man.

Dressed in all black, Mpho Habedi holds back tears and looks down at her hands.

She carefully chooses her words when asked about her life with rapper and former Skwatta member Nkululeko Habedi (38) who was tragically knifed to death at his Alexandra home. Mpho and Habedi met twenty years ago and are parents to a teen daughter.

Mpho says she never knew of an aggressive side to the man she loved for two decades.

“Nkuli was not a violent person. It is very strange…you know what I’m not going to say alot because at the end of the day I wasn’t in the room when they were together. But according to me, he wasn’t violent at all. For that 20 years of my life, I never experienced anything that would make me say wow! I almost did what she has done. It’s very weird,” said Mpho.

About how she heard about Habedi’s death, Mpho says she was told by his younger brother, Tshepang.

“He couldn’t speak so I picked up that there was something wrong. My daughter was with her grandmother so I didn’t know if there was something wrong with her so I quickly drove to Alex to check what was going on.”

When Mpho arrived at the house, she was met by a grisly sight. Habedi lay bleeding to death. He had been stabbed by his girlfriend, Sindi Manqele.

“I’m not sure if he was gone already, but yes I did see him and I did speak to him. Though he didn’t respond, I did hold his hand. I said stuff to try to make him feel that I am here. And (I said) if you really need me to do anything just give me a sign and I will.”

At Habedi’s funeral, Mpho said she had never stopped loving Habedi.

“You once said to me that our love is like the sun: it rises, it shines, But unfortunately it sets for a few hours and I truly believe that it was on the point of rising again.

“Despite what people might think, I am truly hurt. People will never know the bond we shared.

“I still have a long road with Lesego. Please be with me on this road. I am going to miss you.”