Malema runs into rule trouble in first Parliamentary speech


Julius Malema has said all anyone will remember about President Jacob Zuma’s state of the nation address is an instruction to clean up on Mandela Day.

Speaking in Parliament for the first time ever, during the debate on Zuma’s address, Malema said the speech was uninspiring. Malema was repeatedly interrupted by objections and called to order for his unparliamentary conduct.

Speaking about Zuma’s address, he said: “You tried to speak about radical changes, but nothing you said was radical. Instead, we heard a repetition of what has been said before. “I know very well that this was a direct response to the existence of the EFF or even a failed attempt to take away our legitimacy.”Malema

He called on Zuma and the ANC to stop playing with language around economic change, because the party had sold out the revolution.

“You are a man of tradition, Mr President, a tradition of empty promises. You keep making promises and the ANC people clap hands for mediocrity. He is plagiarising the mining charter,” he said.

Malema said Zuma would leave a legacy of uncreated jobs, and unemployment had more than doubled under his leadership.

He said although Zuma had promised to investigate the national minimum wage, there was nothing to look into because the mineworkers on the platinum belt had said they wanted R12500.

“In your first address to this house as president, you promised to create 500000 jobs in six months and you failed. No one held you accountable.

“Our people are being called upon to celebrate 20 years of freedom and we really don’t know what they should celebrate, because the past 20 years have been years of suffering for the poorest of the poor,” said Malema.

He added that Zuma was scared of white people, especially company owners.