Lundi Tyamara’s Manager Confesses, Apologises For Infecting And Dumping Him


South Africa woke up to the news that Gospel Star Lundi Tyamara had died. We reported that he has been battling with TB by the time of his death.

However, it is alleged that his manager and boyfriend has revealed shocking details about his death. He confessed to family members that he infected him with sexually transmitted infections before dumping him.

“Lundi had a prosperous career before I came into his life. I came into his life when he had a lot of assets and earning a lot of money. He once complained that I abused him.I left him because he could no longer afford to attend shows. He had no source of income. I would like to apologize to all South Africans for the actions that I might have committed against a rising star. Our relationship was not appropriate.”

Lundi was reported to have been a drug addict, and had a hom.osexual relationship. He made a lot of hits during his time, including Mphefumlo Wami and Mvuleleni Angene.