SHOCKING DETAILS : What Actually Happened Just A Minute Before Lundi Died – Family Member


Daily Buzz SA _ Johanneburg -A close relative to the late South Africa’s top gospel musician,Lundi Tyamara,has finally given finer and shocking details on what really happened the moment before the gospel legend passed away last week

Sources close to the musician confirmed he died in an Edenvale hospital in the early hours of Friday last week.The Ndixolele hit maker was moved to ICU on Monday after his condition took a turn for the worse.

Insiders confirmed that the singer was placed on oxygen machines as his liver “had practically stopped working”.

Despite the dire situation his family remained hopeful that “God’s intervention” would help get him through the ordeal and called on the nation to pray for him.

Lundi was first admitted to hospital in December after returning from a trip to China according to the latest comments that came from one elderly relative to Lundi only identified as uncle Thabo,

He also claimed that Lundi started oozing blood from the nose and ears,a scenario he said he had never seen ever since he was born.

“It was very heart-breaking to see someone who used to shine on national TV oozing blood from all over and being destroyed by earth-worm-like little creatures right on his stomach,of course the media won’t tell you this”,uncle Tyamara was quoted.

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