A séx-starved wife finds séxual joy with her brother-in-law then she was caught red-handed [VlDE0]


The weekend took forever to come as I waited for Ryan’s Friday evening visit. Most of the days since that evening had passed uneventfully. As eager as I was, I was also nervous about finally going through with it. At 18, I was ready to shed my ‘virgin’ tag, freeing myself from the guilt of having to lie to my friends. Even more important was the fact that I wouldn’t have to keep holding Ryan back, or worrying if he was getting it from elsewhere.

Friday had finally come and I was up at 7 thanks to all the anticipation. Stifling a yawn, Cathy, my elder sister walked in, looking bewildered to see me up so early.

‘What’s up with you today? You’d give mom a heart attack if she was to ever see in the kitchen at this time.

‘Well, I wasn’t getting much sleep anyways’ I replied without taking my eyes off the coffee pot.

‘Ooooh wait!’ It had finally dawned on her. ‘Lover boy’s coming over tonight, isn’t he?’ she teased.

‘Shut up!’ I blushed, wishing I didn’t tell her. She was flying out later that morning on a business trip and wouldn’t be back until Tuesday morning.

‘Listen, I don’t mean to sound like our mother, but…’

‘Be safe, use protection! Yes, I know’ I interrupted.

‘And if you guys need condoms, feel free to ask Kevin’ she joked, looking at him as he came out, sleepy-eyed and hair dishevelled.

We locked eyes immediately, Cathy’s giggling barely audible as we shared an awkwardness only we were aware of. It had been nearly 4 days and things were still weird between us, more so than they were before that evening.

Around 10, I decided to sunbathe in the backyard. Wearing my white b#kini below the robe, I slid open the door before walking into the crisp June sun. Laying there looking at my legs stretched out, I remembered that I’d need to wax that afternoon. I wanted everything to be just perfect. With a mild stubble around my mound, I figured I’d be able to do it myself. Just then my mind wandered to that evening in his study and I started to drift off to sleep.

I awoke to the sound of exaggerated moaning and I immediately knew where it could be coming from. I looked around before quietly getting up and tiptoeing towards Kevin’s study window. And just as expected, there he was, naked in his chair as he jacked his cock off to the onscreen entertainment. Judging from the pace of his str#kes, I guessed we were getting towards the end of the show and my mischievous side was suddenly awoken……READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>>2