BREAKING : Outrage Over A VlD Of The Late Sfiso Ncwane Having Sêx,Relatives Breathes Fire


Daily Buzz SA-Knives are out for the widow of the late gospel singer,Sfiso Ncwane after the relatives accused her of breaching their son’s privacy and ‘disrespecting the dead’.

According to a report,Ayanda recorded a video having a ‘good time’ with her late love bird but 2 days later after recording the video she posted only a photo with her showing half face and Sfiso sleeping.

From the look of things,the after s*x photo she once posted on her Instagram was actually a screenshot from the actual video which has destroyed the two families.

”My phone was stolen 2 weeks ago, that video was not meant for public consumption. I really apologize especially to Sfiso’s friends,followers and relatives,please forgive me,it shall come to pass and those thieves will pay for this. I promise they will not go unpunished for this kind of damage they have done to me”,Ayanda was quoted as saying.

According to the video,Ayanda is seen recording using the front camera whilst Sfiso is still asleep then she later wakes him up ‘to do the job’.After several minutes of car_essing and kissing,the phone is later switched to the back camera and the video is eventually stopped after 7 minutes of bo_nking.

Apart from Sfiso’s relatives breathing fire,social media users are mad at Ayanda,with many citing that she was not supposed to record such a video in the first place.Others further crushed the latter point,claiming that there was nothing wrong with married couples recording their s*xual escapades so long it was not for public consumption.