I Want Mom Too! — Jimmy catches his mother having séx….with his brother


I’m not sure exactly when it first started. I heard my mother snoring one night. I went in to see if I could quiet her down. There was Mom lying on top of the sheets. There was just enough light for me to see her there. Mom was wearing a nightie. My mother was a little on the heavy side. I thought I could see some pubic hairs showing. I just looked for a few minutes and then went back to my bedroom.

I started to look in on Mom more and more. One night I got a little more bold. I reached out and started rubbing the inside of my mother’s thighs. That was when she woke up.

“What are you doing here Kevin?”

I was so startled I couldn’t even make up a good excuse. My Mom then gave me a surprise.

“I know you have been looking at me during the night,” she told me.

She asked if I was checking to see if she was n@ked. I didn’t know what to say. Of course I wanted to see her n@ked body but I couldn’t bring myself to say so. My mother shocked me right then. She reached down and pulled her panties to one side. I could now see her p#bic bush and most of her sl#t. I only had a pair of shorts on and I thought my d#ck was going to split them open.
“It’s okay, you can say that you wanted to see me n@ked.”

I think I just nodded my head. At nineteen, I hadn’t had many experiences with females. My Dad was no longer around and it was just my mother and me. I wanted to be on top of my mother right then. I guess I finally took control. I slipped out of my shorts and I let my Mom see my c#ck. Mom had her eyes glued to my half er#ct prick. She reached out and took me in her hand. My mother was str#king me now and making my c#ck hard as could be……READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>2