Husband spies on wife being B0NKED by son and his friends- Must READ


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I returned from a month-long business trip a week early. The customer was ecstatic with the early go-live schedule, and my bosses were so happy that the customer so impressed with the implementation of our product that they had given me the extra week off. In the rush to get back home, I had forgotten my cell phone in the hotel, so I couldn’t call my wife to let her know I was on my way home early, which was fine, since I wanted to surprise her anyway. I had decided that we could take the week as a spur-of-the-moment vacation.

I got to my house around 9 pm. As I walked in the door, I found something very odd. My wife was usually a very tidy person, but I noticed some clothes lying on the floor. I made my way back to our bedroom, concerned that perhaps Karen wasn’t feeling well. As I reached for the bedroom door knob, my hand froze. I could hear voiced on the other side.

“Oh, yes!” I could hear Karen moaning. “Pound it in there! Just like that! Give me that big c#ck!”

For a minute, I was completely confused. Had I entered the wrong house? No, my key opened the front door. Was this someone else? No, I definitely recognized Karen’s s#ltry voice. Then I heard another voice, a man’s voice.

“Do you like that cock, baby? I’m getting close; do you want that big load of jizz deep inside your p#ssy?” I didn’t recognize his voice, but I definitely recognized the sound of a man pounding into a woman on a bed, our bed.

I had just the slightest flash of jealousy, but it was immediately replaced with overwhelming lust. My c#ck was harder than it had been in a long time, as I stood there listening to my wife getting her p#ssy thr@shed, my right hand on the doorknob, the other rubbing my hard d#ck through my slacks.

“OH, GOD!” I heard both of them yell in unison. I heard grunts of pleasure from both of them, then a couple of seconds later, one of the bodies falling onto the bed. I could envision both of them collapsed next to each other. I still couldn’t move. My mind was racing at a thousand miles an hour. How long had this gone on? Was she in love with this guy? Was she leaving me? I had no idea what to think. Then I heard the man talking again…….READ more on the next page,Simply go below this page CLICK>>>>2