Mpumalanga woman buried drunk husband alive for spending all the money on booze


Belfast, Mpumalanga. A 35-year-old woman was arrested yesterday morning after her neighbours saw a human foot sticking out of the ground in her yard and notified the police.

When the police arrived, Nora confessed she buried a person in her backyard and that person is her husband and a father of her five children. In a statement to the police she said she buried him because he is useless. “I regret what I did but the reason I did it is because he is always drunk and does not buy any food, he is always back late to demand meat from me every time he is drunk”

She went on to say yesterday he was just too drunk and when she remember everything he had put the family through she just got up and started digging a hole. According to Nora she did not even push him inside. “I just told him there is more liquor in the back yard and he stood up and started walk that way and fell into the whole and I filled it back”

Nora’s husband was a troublesome, drunk meat lover that at some point he demanded beef while he was drunk and she cocked him a dead dog. “He becomes very violent when he is drunk and can’t get no meat”.

The police charged Nora with murder and she will remain in custody until her trial is over.