Guys; See How to Know if your Girl is a V!rgin or not


People have several different reasons for having relationships which may include companionship, friendship, marriage and what have you. However, some ingredients such as trust and faith are essential for its survival. Knowing if that one person you cared about told you the truth about her v!rgin!ty is perhaps key to the development of the relationship and although it may be easy as you grow more and garner experience, it is usually difficult at first.

It is a well known fact that spotting if she’s a V!rgin is best determined through direct inspection as most times, it is difficult to distinguish v!rgins and non-v!rgins behaviourally. More often than not, ladies that fl!rt a lot are most certainly not v!rgins so are the attractively shy and conservative ones too. For this reason, we present to you some telltale signs that you can snap up to determine if that girl with you remains intact.
Medical Examination
This perhaps is the best way yet to know if your girl is still a v!rgin. This involves checking the Hy-men. This method however comes with a caveat as many ladies will be offended at a suggestion of a medical examination most especially if the idea is brought up in a less private place.
More so, the presence or absence of the Hy-men is not a concrete determinant of v!rginity. There are several activities that could cause a ladies hy-men to break without prior s*xual interc0urse. Rigorous athletic activities or the use of s*x toys could do damage to the hymen. Though we all know that any lady using s*x toys is probably having s*. Also, some ladies may have their hy-men intact despite having previously had s*x. This factor can be attributed to the ladies making out with guys with small Pen!ses. Despite the exceptions which are usually far between, the presence of an intact hy-men is a fairly accurate method of determining her v!rg!nity.

Attitude and Behavior
Just like our personalities can be determined by our attitude and behaviour, so can you get a clue of female v!rg!nity from these. There are attitudinal clues that may indicate v!rg!nity. Some of these may include the religious background of the lady, moral uprightness and ideologies. Though it appears that religion, morals and femi-nism are squarely against s*x for different reasons. Some believe s*x is wrong as they see it as a form of exploitation while others consider it a sin when done outside marriage. It is however apparent that a display of any of these characteristics might be an indication of v!rg!nity.
Furthermore, some Psychologists have said that a lot of ladies do not stay as v!rgins for the reasons they put forward. Some have been said to remain v!rgins as a result of ugliness and decide to stay as v!rgins because they do not want to become cheap by sleeping with some one that is not of their social strata. Thus, for this reason, they justify their staying off s*x by declaring s*x as imm0ral.

Birth control pill
Well, you wouldn’t see a v!rgin take birth control pills now, or would you? Seeing packs of birth control pills in her cabinet or purse is an indication she is no longer a v!rgin. Why is she trying to stop a pregnancy I’d she’s not doing it? CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING