HELP: I’m too old to be a VIRG!N, i now want to feel a PEN!S


Is 13 too OLD to be a virgin?

I know this may be an awkward question but lots of my friends were shocked when they found out I never kissed a boy and im a virgin? Help? when is the right age? I dont know.. isnt it all SO awkard???


From Nelly:
GIRL I’m 16 and I just received my first kiss. I’m still a virgin and I’m 3 years older than you. There is absolutely nothing wrong with still being a virgin and have had received your first kiss yet. On the contrary, I pride myself on the fact that I’m still a virgin. I say it to people out loud that, ” yes, I’m a virgin. So what? ” The beautiful thing about being green for a long time is that it show that you are smart and wise. You respect yourself, and you understand that losing your virginity is not a race. You won’t have to panic because you don’t have to figure how you’re gonna break the news to you’re parents that you’re either HIV positive or worse: pregnant. So don’t feel like you have to be like all the other girls. Your body, Your decision. But make sure that you’re making the right decision. And you’re probably a freshman in high school. Let me tell you something: freshman, sophomore and junior year are the HARDEST years of high school. Those are the years when you should be kicking *** cause that’s when colleges are looking at you. I’m taking 3 AP classes. I don’t even have time to think about boys.

Hope this helped. Good luck
PS. Oh by the way, you should only kiss a guy you ACTUALLY LIKE unlike me. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING