OMG SH0CKING DETAILS : What Actually Happened Just A Week Before Lundi Died – Family Member


Daily Buzz SA-Just hours after receiving the tragic news that gospel singer Lundi Tyamara had died his family, friends and neighbours welcomed Daily Buzz SA Group’s Jessica Levitt into their homes. It is here that lntimate stories were shared about Lundi that the public doesn’t know. Some funny, some sad, but most heart-warming. It is was then, in the hours after his death, that Lundi’s true spirit was revealed.


Three schoolgirls are late, running towards their taxi in the quite street in Naturena. They’re giggling and don’t even take notice of two men setting up portable toilets outside the modest beige house. They skip over the hose pipe that’s running from a neighbour’s house across the street into the toilets. The men smile and the girls wave.


It’s just before 9am. Exactly 8 hours and 20 minutes since Lundi Tyamara’s family got the call that he had died.

A neighbour wearing a nightie, grey gown and cream slippers is standing outside directing the use of the hose pipe.

I’m the first person there but the neighbour, who asked not to have her name mentioned, said she was expecting journalists.

“We put a message on the community forum informing the neighbours that the road would be busy… Lundi is gone now. He fought, but he has gone,” she says.

The family home that Lundi was staying at since he fell ill is silent, with no signs of anybody being home.

“Anele has gone out. He had to take Lundi’s sister to hospital. She has asthma and had an attack after hearing of his death,” says another neighbour.

He’s talking about Anele Hlazo, Lundi’s manager and friend who has been keeping the media updated on the health of the gospel star ever since it emerged at the beginning of January that he was severely ill. The award-winning singer first fell ill in November last year after returning from a visit to China.  He was in and out of hospital and in January the news broke publically.

“This thing has been going on for so long. It’s been a battle. We didn’t think he’d make it through Christmas,” says a family member.

Anele told the press that Lundi had been diagnosed with stomach TB and liver complications. His health was precarious and every week social media ‘killed’ him, but he pushed on and it was only on 22 January that his condition truly worsened and he was admitted to ICU and put on life support. He died five days later.

An hour later and I am still the only journalist at the house. A neighbour asks me to go into her home…..Read More on the next page,go below click>>>2