Yesterday Metro Cops Of Johannesburg did a remarkable jobs after they trace and caught red handed FOUR have been arrested for cable theft in Joburg.

This was after they were caught red-handed stealing the cables from a manhole.

These suspected were seen hard at work on the CCTV camera yesterday around 4am.

The suspects fled when the Joburg Metro Police arrived but they managed to arrest two suspects who informed officers

that there were still some more suspects underground.

JMDP officers were able to arrest another two and confiscated the copper cable valued at approximately R100 000.

A bakkie that was thought to be  a get away car was also impounded.

The suspects told cops that they were in working with security guards who have informed them of how and where the

cables were.

The MMC of Public safety Sello Lemao, “We as the City of Joburg are so alert with removing those who are causing trouble

within the city.

“Cable theft is one of the serious crimes we are dealing with in our department together with SAPS, JRA and City Power.”

He said that vandalism to the city’s property creates a lot of stress to the City’s infrastructures it affects Traffic Lights,

Power to other places of health care, and affects communities as a whole.

The four suspects were taken to Joburg Central Police Station and a charge of theft has been opened against them. They

are expected to appear in court soon.

Lemao also emphasised that, “We cannot allow such a behaviour in our city and Justice should be served on this


“Public safety will maintain Law and Order in the City. People must understand that we are not a lawlessness City and

strange criminal behaviour shall be dealt with harshly.”

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