Five spots EVERY girl wants to be touched


There are certain places to touch a woman and make her get stuck on you. These are some of those places.

We all know where the obvious sources of pleasure are, but there are other areas on her body that when touched, can bring her to climax. Switch up your routine by paying attention to these often overlooked sweet spots.

1. Mind

“When you look at ar0usal on a physiological level, the biggest s_ex organ in the body is the mind,” says Men’s Fitness se_x advisor Ian Kerner. The brain controls the body’s production of the feel-good hormone dopamine. The more you stimu.late her mentally, the more dopamine her body produces, lowering her inhibitions and sending her se_x drive soaring.

2. Skin

The way you touch a woman tells her whether you’re a gentle lover or a rough one, says Taormino. Remember, her body is covered with nerve receptors, so the opportunity to trigger her pleasure points is endless. Take your time here; it’ll be worth it.

3. Scent

“Women get really turned on by a guy’s scent,” says Kerner, Ph.D. Skip the cheap cologne, and attract her with your natural scent. (Shower first if you just hit the gym!).

4. Mouth

Whether slow and s3nsual, or rough and passionate, a good kiss is golden, according to Tristan Taormino, author of the Expert Guide to Female 0rgasms. You’ll know when you’ve got it right by the way she gr0ans, m0ans, or breathes.

5. Feet

Tension builds up around the toes and sole of the foot. Help her unwind with a massage. “Some women love having their feet worshipped,” says Taormino.