14 WTF Facts about SE_X you DIDN’T KNOW!


Se_x is the one activity we all like to think we’re experts in but will spend most of our lives still seeking confirmation of that fact.

In my opinion, the foundation of a good lay is almost always confidence and knowledge is confidence – therefore consider these 15 lesser known facts a gift to your “love” life.

Failing that, just enjoy reading them because who doesn’t love reading about/talking about/hearing about/having it?

1. In 2 weeks, one man can make enough spe_rm to impregnate every fertile woman on the planet

2. Wearing socks in bed can increase your chance of clim_axing.

3. Sleeping on your stomach increases the chance of having steamy dreams – so faces down, bottoms up people

4. On average, men burn more calories than women do during intercourse – so perhaps you need to switch those positions up a little?[

5. It’s fairly well-known that asparagus is an aphrodisiac but did you know that pumpkin is too? So lets eat pumpkins people?

6. 1% of women can org_asm from breast stimulation

7. Half of all internet purchases are se_x-related CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING