Payback is a Bítch, You SIut Bítch — H0RNY loving wife gets an unexpected Valentine’s Day surprise.


Johannesburg-Perhaps being the romantic that she was, Tina’s favorite holiday, besides Christmas and her birthday, of course, was Valentine’s Day. As the days grew closer, counting the days until Valentine’s Day, she’d X off the time that passed on her Renoir calendar that hung on the refrigerator by a Cupid magnet. Every week, she’d leave a department store ad on the kitchen table, where she served her husband breakfast, a subtle hint, for him to see what it was she wanted and hoped he’d buy. She had already bought her husband Valentine Day gifts, a new putter for his golf bag and a buffer for his car, along with a Valentine’s Day card that was funny and another card that was To My Husband from his Loving Wife. Finally, Valentine’s Day was here.



Naively figuring he was waiting for the right moment to surprise her with his gifts of love on Valentine’s Day, Tina waited all day and all night for her husband, Steve, to surprise her with his presents. Surely, in the way that she keeps a clean house, runs all the errands, cooks his meals, and never denies him s#x, even though he hasn’t asked her for s#x in weeks, she thought that he was going to surprise her with a little something to show his love for her and his appreciation for all that she does for him. Never suspecting that he had forgotten that today was Valentine’s Day, she was so deeply hurt, when he gave her nothing.



“Nothing. He gave me nothing,” she said silently sobbing in the bathroom, while getting ready for bed. “He forgot that today is Valentine’s Day. How could he forget me on Valentine’s Day, when he knows how important Valentine’s Day is to me?”



All day she wondered what he’d give her, along with his Valentine’s Day card expressing his love. Flowers, perhaps roses and dark chocolate candy, would have been nice. She had hoped he bought her a piece of expensive jewelry, diamond earrings or a diamond bracelet. Wondering when her husband would recognize Valentine’s Day, she wondered what her husband would give her for Valentine’s Day. Unable to contemplate the unthinkable, that he forgot her on Valentine’s Day because he didn’t love her, she couldn’t believe he gave her nothing………….READ more on the next page,simply go below this page CLICK>>>>2