A businessman returns home to find a young man fücking his wife….(hot story)


Johannesburg-Daily Buzz SA. A businessman returns home to find a young man fücking his wife….(hot story)


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Penny braced herself as she walked down the tree-lined sidewalk to Fred and Mona’s house. Fred was her husband’s younger brother, and he’d landed himself one heck of a catch. Penny couldn’t help but feel intimidated at family gatherings whenever she was confronted by her tall, blonde, utterly gorgeous sister-in-law.


“You can do it, Penny. She’s a woman, just like you!” Penny reminded herself. She’d tried to look her best, wearing a cute green dress that matched her eyes and showed some of her shapely legs. She kept her red hair cut into a short bob, and only the lightest dusting of make up was needed to conceal the spray of freckles across her nose. All in all, Penny knew she was quite cute. Adorable even. That was the problem. She barely reached five feet tall, and had slim hips and a nearly flat chest. She looked like someone’s cute little teenage sister, despite being twenty-six and having been married for three years!


She’d always been content with her looks. A lot of guys, her hunky Joe included, seemed to love her face and her body. But Mona, that lucky b*tch Mona, had what every guy seemed to crave. She was tall, with legs that went for days, big t*ts and the face of a runway model! It almost made Penny sick! Or would have, if she didn’t have the tiniest little crush on her, herself. Not that she was bi, or even bi-curious, but the blonde was just that good looking.

“Did Fred get a new car?” Penny wondered aloud as she passed the big white SUV taking up nearly all of her in-law’s driveway. Joe, her husband, and Fred were much alike. Tall, slender, sandy-haired men with steely blue eyes. Both men drove sensible little sedans. Penny looked a little closer. The gold rims on the over-sized tires were definately not the McHale boys’ style.

Penny walked up to the door and had raised a small fist when she heard something that made her freeze…………..READ more on the next page,Simply go below this page CLICK>>>>2