She sedüces the teacher she always wanted and let him enjoy her tight punani


Johannesburg,Daily Buzz SA-She sedüces the teacher she always wanted and let him enjoy her tight punani,take your time and read this hot story of the day.


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For years I was stuck in a s#xless marriage, or rather a marriage in which I had little, if any, s#x with my wife. Over the years she gained weight, lost interest in s#x, and found pleasure in women’s club activities, c0cktail parties, and anything social. What I craved was a wife who loved s#x as much as myself… someone attractive, with a great body, who placed a very high priority on s#x rather than a low one.

After bouts with depression, and the help of a good therapist, I finally managed to fight my way through a contentious divorce and gained my freedom. It was then when I met my current wife, Scarlett, and the way we met was most interesting.

For years I’ve written porn for magazines including Penthouse Variations, Penthouse Forum, and a stream of other “ad#lt” publications. My fantasies became the basis for my many masturbation sessions, and from time to time I put these fantasies down on paper. I also spent hours at ad#lt movie theaters, where, in the absence of s#x at home, I began to engage in mutual m#sturbation and oral s#x acts with other h0rny, desperate men like myself, although I never allowed anyone to come in my mouth. I may be h#rny, but I’m not suicidal!

My life changed the day I received an email from my current wife. In those days she was going through a similar kind of marriage to my own… married to a businessman more consumed by his career than her, she was in a s#xless relationship as well. She said my writing excited her, and allowed her the kind of s#xual release only m#sturbation accompanied by strong fantasies can provide. I wrote back, one thing led to another, and soon we were having phone s#x together. Eventually we met, spending a week together at a beach resort where she provided me with the best s#x I’ve ever had for seven glorious days.

While at the beach she did wonderfully er0tic things to and with me. She s#cked my c0ck on the beach while three teenage girls looked on from a distance, walking by us on the beach, staring at us in amazement as my then lover continued s#cking me, excited by the fact we were being watched. On another occasion I dressed her in a thin pair of jersey shorts and a thin cotton tank top with no underwear and made her go into the ocean with me far enough to soak her skimpy outfit. When we returned to our beach blanket, I had her lie on her back, her br3asts, n#pples, and c#nt hair clearly visible beneath her clothing. She pretended to doze while several people walked by, some stopping to stare openly at my nearly n#ked and very beautiful lover. Scarlett has 36C br3asts, a slender size 6 frame, and perfect legs, and my c0ck became as hard as a rock as I watched others watching her………READ more on the next page….Simply Go below This Page CLICK>>>>2