Son turns to his Mom with his Huge DlCK after girlfriend moves away.


Johannesburg-Daily Buzz SA.Son turns to his Mom after girlfriend moves away.


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“Yeah look at that,” Steve whispered while staring at the hot blonde on her knees succking c0ck on his lap top. “Look at that little sIut go.”

The little sIut was succking like the p0rn star she was, easily taking the guy’s huge c0ck deep into her mouth and m0aning, gagging, drooling and spitting all over it. As fast as she succcked, Steve str0ked, working his c0ck with his lotion luubricated right hand.

Unfortunately his c0ck wasn’t half as excited as the guy in the video and he was fighting not to concentrate on it, but just watch the video and think about the girl, not his barely semi hard c0ck. She stopped succcking and standing up, bent over a table.

The guy slapped his huge hard c0ck on her ass a few times, then grabbing her hips proceeded to fucck her silly. She was m0aning and squealing and the camera jumped around, showing off her wide eyes and open mouth as she yelped, then her big beautiful t!ts swaying and her hand between her legs, rubbing her cl*t as her p*ssy was being pounded by his hard d!ck.

His hard d!ck; because Steve’s was currently at half mast and not getting any bigger. Unable to help it he looked down at his only partially inspired c0ck and moaned, “Come on, what the f*ck!”

He stroked faster then gasped, “Oh, f*ck!”

He was going to com. He tried to stop, but was at the point of no return and even with his hand no longer moving a drop of c0m appeared at the tip of his c0ck and oozed out.

Groaning more in frustration than pleasure, Steve str0ked his c0ck and watched as his com pumped down his just now hardening shaft. By the time he’d squeezed out the last few drops he was fully hard, but as soon as he stopped j3rking it just as quickly began to soften.

“F*ck!” He exclaimed, “Not again!”

For the last week any time he jacked off he either came while still only semi hard or had just finally gotten fully erect before immediately coming. Disgusted he released his useless, flaccid c0ck and shut off the p0rn.

Grabbing some tissues from the box on his desk, he wiped his com and lotion covered d*ck and tossing gross tissues into the trash, pulled his shorts up over his now totally flaccid c*ck. What the hell was wrong with him?………………READ more on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>>2