Drama outside Pretoria club as Man caught on Camera bonking Nyatsi on car boot


A Pretoria man, Martin Mkhize ‘s marriage is on the rocks after a video of him bonking his nyatsi on a car boot went viral last week.

The incident occurred at a popular club (name withheld for legal reasons).

The couple who seem to have had too much to drink failed to control themselves and ended up bonking on the car.Spectators were left in shock,some shouting obscenities telling the 2 to get a room whilst the rest cheered on the couple to continue.


The incident was only quelled by club bouncers who sprung to action after noticing an abnormal number of people started leaving the club earlier than usual.They then followed the crowd only to come face to face with a ‘much better show’ that was occurring outside.

“These club bouncers have no love,They disrupted the couple mid way through the action threatening to call the cops.This brother was so furious complaining that he was a few seconds away from ‘coming’ when he was disturbed. CLICK HERE TO GET VIDEO