People Are Still Contracting HIV Whilst Using Co_ndoms : They Are Making These 7 Mistakes


Most men feel very cocky and confident that they know all there is to know when it comes to con_dom use. While this might be true for some, a lot of men are still making life-risking mistakes when they protect themselves.

It is very pertinent that we all know the right way to use a con_dom, as using it wrongly will not only bring about unwanted pregnancy, but could cause a host of Se_xually Transmitted Diseases, STDs, including HIV.

Avoid these mistakes to make sure you stay protected.

1. Not checking for visible damage. Nearly 75% of people never bother looking for tears or holes — even if they use their teeth to open the packet (don’t!) or snag the con_dom on their jewelry or fingernails.

2. Not checking the expiration date. Yes, that little date printed on the wrapper is news to 61% of users. Co_ndoms last very long – up to 5 years for plain ones, though only 2 years or so for those with a sper_micide, which gradually breaks down the latex. If a cond_om is sticky or brittle, toss it.

3. Putting it on late in the action. About 43% of students in a se_x-behavior study donned the con_dom after penetration had already occurred. Presumably they didn’t know that some spe_rm can be released before the final fireworks, posing pregnancy and STD risks. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING