Concert feud reveals Babes Wodumo earns R100k a gig – Twitter debates if she’s worth it


Le sigh! 2016 has totes been the year Mzansi saw an increase in the wrath of Twitter. Whether you’re getting shaded for wearing Cotton On and wanting expensive champagne (apparently that’s just NOT on) then you’ll defos be called out for something else. Like Babes Wodumo and her salary.

Babes was slammed for her recent ‘lifeless’ performance at  the Buyel’Ekhaya Music Festival in East London.  She uploaded a video explaining why she just ‘stood on stage’ and said that she was verbally abused just prior to performing.

Event organisers have since released a 17-point dossier, where counter shots were made against Babes. Organisers said Babes demanded to take a bath prior to the show, even though she was late and called her ‘ill-disciplined.’

Oh, the shade! Festival organisers school Babes Wodumo: ‘She has ill-discipline’

Don’t ever accuse Twitter of being lazy and not reading all 17 points. They picked up (although not immediately, sorry Twitter) on the fee for a Babes Wodumo performance.

Point 2 of the response by the event organisers goes:

“Babes Wodumo was paid a deposit of 75% (R75,000.00) of her performance fee on 21 October 2016.”

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So, that means that Babes earns 100K for a performance.

Twitter then decided to debate whether she was worth it. Cause, you know, what else do you do four days after Christmas and you’re sitting in your lounge with your second aunty, bored out of your mind.

137 thousand tweets later, and there were a lot of opinions.

*Side-note: luckily only our bosses decide if we are worth our salaries. Tsek nonke*

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