Relationship Tips-Common mistakes couples make


Daily Buzz SA,Johannesburg-Depending on how sëx happens, and also who it happens with, we can be very excited and not calm about things. Because of these enormous pressure to perform, we can mess things up unintentionally too.

Remember that time when you wanted to something to go well, and you put everything you’ve got into it and somehow it ended up being disastrous, anxiety kills things.

One thing guys will always have is that if a guy ejaculates during sëx, to him it isn’t regarded as bad sëx, but also remembering that sëx involves more than one person, you should both be satisfied at the end of it.

Sëx is a private affair but for some people, it is a public affair which is why Daily Buzz SA asked about silly mistakes men make during sëx. Some of them are truly silly as well.

1. Rushing f0replay

This happens to a lot of men, people who feel because they’re ready for sëx, the lady is also ready for sëx, so with 20 seconds of foreplay, they’re ready to dive d!ck first into the lady. This isn’t not cool at all.

2. Being too rough with fingers

Bad guy! You might need to pipe down a little, not unless the lady has asked you to be rough with her pussy that she likes it, its absolutely bad idea. Only a handful of ladies like it that rough.

3. Selfishness

It is easy to get carried away for guys during sëx, it’s a beautiful experience that might lead to being selfish, which isn’t cool at all. It’s better when you give as much as you receive.

4. Sharp nails

A lot of people are pissed off by this, by sharp nails, nobody wants it near them even when you’re just playing around.
5. Lack of communication

Some men are complete mute during sëx, they should stay thrvsting and grunting like an animal. “They need to know how to pleasure their partner

6. Stop showing off

We get it, you’ve perfected the act of giving the D, no need to show yourself that much, concentrate on giving pleasure.