Wife gets to try TWO hard DlCKS at once……[Hot VlDE0]


Picking up right where I left off. from part 1

So the first day that Ben was coming to my house I was like all over the place, not sure what to do. He was coming in on a morning Amtrak train From Michigan.

I talked to Jerry my on-line friend before I was to go pick him up. Jerry told me to have fun with Ben but be real careful. Jerry has always been looking out for me.

I took a hot shower and didn’t know what to wear to the train station. First I slipped on a little pair of light blue lace b#kini panties. Next I put on a midriff white top that has long sleeves and a front zipper. I told you Ben doesn’t like bras so I didn’t put one on. You could see my nipples or more like the bumps they made in my top. You couldn’t see my n#pples themselves for say. The top did show a lot of the top of my br#asts. Then I picked out this short black skirt that looked a lot like a cheerleader skirt. As I put on my make-up I kept looking at myself in the mirror. I looked like a sl#t and wasn’t sure if I should go out of the house dressed like this. If I was to bend over just a little anybody had a good view of my blue panty covered a$$. I started to put on some thigh-high stockings but changed my mind thinking my neighbors are going to think I’m a hooker the way I’m dressed now. My legs are very dark tan anyway. So I just slipped on a pair of open toe heels and was off.

When the train came in I was standing there right next to the track. A lot of the guys at the station got a nice view of my little blue b#kini panties. The wind from the train coming in sent my little skirt bellowing in the air. I tried to hold it down but didn’t have too much luck.

Ben stepped off the train and ran over to me. We hugged and kissed then he stepped back, eyed my up and down and said, “F#ck do you look hot”.

I smiled and said, “Thanks” as I took his hand and walked with him to pick up his baggage pick. Once we had his bags we got in the car and started home.

I didn’t even get out of the train station lot before Ben had one hand under my skirt and the other under my top. By the time I pulled in my driveway Ben had me so wet and h0rny I couldn’t wait to get him inside and f#ck his brains out.

As we got out of the car I had to slap his hard away from under my skirt as we made our way to the house. I hope none of my neighbors seen the way Ben kept playing with my a$s as we went in……READ full story on the next page,go below this page CLICK>>>2