Boss Caught Red-Handed Eating Maid’s Punani in The Kitchen


This one was with a young maid we had working at my maternal uncle’s house. Her name was Sandhya. She had started working at my uncle’s place right from the young age ; where they brought her up as though their own daughter. She was the same age as me, or a couple months younger to me, so we actually grew up together. I used to visit my uncle’s place very frequently because I loved my uncle and aunt very much and I was their pet too.


During our school days, when I used to go to a convent and she was sent to one of the Marathi medium municipal schools, I vividly remember she used to wear those cheap quality uniforms. The uniform was of one top and a skirt. The top was made of very thin white material thru which you could see her br@ on the days she did not wear her pettic0at underneath. And the skirt was of very rough khaki material and poorly stitched, letting it split in no time.

Many times I saw her getting to work in the house, while still in her uniform. Often in such cases, I’d be relaxing in the sofa watching TV while she came in the room to sweep and mop the floor. These were the times I used to get a peek of what’s under her short school skirt. When she sat down, sq#atting as it is known, to sweep I would get a good glimpse of her panties. She was a smart girl, and knew what I was relishing. In response she also used to make some or the other gestures to assure me that she is also finds me interesting. Silently we did fantasize each other but never could express the desire openly.


Perhaps we both waited for the right time to come. She was quite a bindaas girl by nature, yet was never able to express her desire for me, probably because she was complexed that she is a maid working for us. Knowing that she was also interested in me, I took full liberty in adventures like exploring into her personal bags secretly in which there were these small plastic bags containing what I believe to be her old undergarments which she was not using any longer. Because they were old bras and panties I could get the smell of her body from it which made me want her there and then. Some of those br@s & panties I used to love shredding the stitches off and then imagining her wearing such torn ones…..Continue Reading This Story on The next page,Go Below This Page CLICK>>>>2