Bonang caught AKA in bed with one of his male entourage


Although Bonang is a very discreet person when it comes to more personal details of her life, she is quite depressed at the moment according to close sources.

Bonang had been dealing with AKA shenanigans for quite a while and according to our source she vowed to hold him down as long as he does not cheat on her publicly. “she said she knew what she was getting into”

Bonang had caught AKA in bed with one of his male entourage shortly after a show she had opened for AKA. The other guy who is a very close “homie” of AKA or as he once told Bonang a “day one” friend said AKA should come clean to Bonang implying that AKA is bise_xual.

According to the source things are a bit tense between the couple. “But Bonang is a sucker for AKA and she might act like nothing happened, it’s like she is used to being heart-broken by these male celebs”

When asked if this is true Bonang said her private business is not up for discussion.