Shocking VIDEO Emerges Of Black Coffee Bonking His Sister-In-Law, Wife Files For Divorce


South African celebrated artist Black Coffee was caught red handed bonking his sister in law on friday morning.

Things turned nasty for the artist when his wife unexpectedly returned from a rural visit, following a tip from the house maid that the two have been sleeping together for days.

Upon arrival, the wife found the two bonking on a couch, hell broke loose when the two sisters exchanged blows in a gruesome fight damaging property worthy around R80 000, including electric gadgets and musical instruments.

The younger sister was hospitalized after being fatally assaulted by a gas tank.

Sources close to the household revealed that since the wife travelled to see her sick mother, these two have been seen together at times sharing erotic scenes.

“He ( Black Coffee) has been all over his sister in-law since his wife departed for rural areas, for some days they have been behind closed doors together.” said a neighbor who never wanted his name to be reveal for security reasons.

The pastor to the family revealed his disappointment and described the act as biblically and socially uncalled for.

“We never encourage such acts, they are abolished in the bible and they disintegrate families, I encourage all families to resolve their problems in an amicable manner. The sin has been done, it was up to the wife to approach her elders and resolve the problems, now she has injured her own sister, they have to cater for medical bills and replace damaged property. CLICK HERE TO GET THE VIDEO