Bieber Impregnated and Paid Off Multiple Women to cover up


Trouble never seem to live Bieber as there is always something wrong the boy/man is doing wrong.

According to a new In Touch Weekly report, Justin Bieber has impregnated two women since 2010.

The tabloid bases this serious accusation on the words of an anonymous source, who claims Bieber and his entourage “rushed to cover up the pregnancies” as soon as word started to leak out.

“He just expects his team to handle it,” the insider says of Justin allegedly slipping a swimmer past a goalie and then just going about his business.

In late 2011, a 20-year old named Mariah Yeater claimed Bieber knocked her up when the two had sex backstage at a concert in Los Angeles.

She sued him for paternity, but later withdrew the legal documents.

In 2013, meanwhile, an unnamed woman came out and said she slept with Bieber in Miami in 2010 and gave birth to his child nine months later.

The latest In Touch article does not cite either of these instances, but does claim Justin’s team “dealt with” supposed pregnancies.

The tabloid writes that the women who say Bieber has knocked them up are investigated and – if their assertions have merit – are “taken care of financially” without ever coming into contact with Justin again.

It’s worth mentioning that In Touch also reported a couple months ago that Selena Gomez suffered a miscarriage of Bieber’s baby and that the artist wanted her to have an abortion before this tragedy took place.

Are you buying these allegations, readers? Do you think Justin is capable of (make)loving and then leaving his groupies? Or is this a bunch of tabloid trash?