‘Be quiet and give me a chance to speak’ – Sfiso Ncwane’s final chilling post to fans


Gospel singer Sfiso Ncwane took to Instagram last Thursday to post what would be one of his last social media messages to fans.

As one of the biggest gospel stars in South Africa, Ncwane was a spiritual pillar to many of his fans.

It was only fitting, then, that several days before his death he used Instagram to quote scripture.

sfiso instagr.PNG


Quoting a verse from the story of Job, where Job spoke about having confidence in God even if he was to die, Ncwane wrote: “Be quiet and give me a chance to speak, and let the results be what they will.”

The verses that follow were perhaps more chilling in the light of Ncwane’s death on Monday.

“I am ready to risk my life. I’ve lost all hope, so what if God kills me? I am going to state my case to him. It may even be that my boldness will save me, since no wicked person would dare to face God,” verses 14 to 17 of Job chapter 13 read.