A P0RN hound gets exactly what he deserves from his aunt


It had already turned out to be a strange month. First, my girlfriend broke up with me cause I was h0rny way too much. Then, my parents found my massive stash of p0rn. I could not explain myself to them. They were shocked. How could an 18 year old have so much more porn than video games or DVD’s? They had no idea what to do, so they planned to send me to my Aunt’s for the summer. What they did not expect was that Aunt Debbie was, well, a c0ugar.

Living in Cape Town, my parents thought it would be best for me to go somewhere that I wouldn’t get in trouble with my c#ck. With Aunt Debbie living in Randburg, they thought it was the perfect idea.

Aunt Debbie was the wife of my mom’s brother, Uncle Rod. They divorced a few years ago after he found her getting tag teamed by a few of the boys from the neighborhood. She had an amazing figure for 35: She stood 5 feet 6 inches, barely weighed 120, brown hair to the middle of her back with gorgeous blue eyes, but the feature on her that was most amazing was her massive 38#FF cup br3asts. She was one of those women who only grew up top, and nowhere else.

My parents had the idea that sending me up to Randburg to stay with Aunt Debbie was good, thinking she was not a s#xual person. They forgot that before she married Uncle Rod, she was one of the town’s biggest sl#ts, always getting f#cked and putting her tits on display.

I was sent to Johannesburg by plane. I didn’t want to leave, but when I remembered what Aunt Debbie looked like, I gave in and just left. The flight was relatively short, just taking over an hour from gate to gate.

The thing that amazed me most when I arrived was the weather in Johannesburg. All people ever say about the  Northwest is that no matter when the season, it is always raining. Today was an exception. Blue skies and sunshine made it feel just like home……….READ more on the next page,simply go below this page CLICK>>>>2