Angry Woman Cuts Off Man’s Pénis For Not Making Eye Contact During Séx


Daily Buzz SA-Harare A woman in Budiriro,Harare has been arrested after losing her temper and cutting off a man’s pénis after he allegedly would not look her in the eye during séx. Shania Shereni attacked Bruce Humbwa in his home.


According to Humbwa, the couple were having séx when Jones got up all of a sudden, grabbed a kitchen knife and proceeded to slice off the tip of his pénis. The woman then fled the scene quickly leaving Humbwa laying on the bed bleeding profusely. Emergency services arrived on the scene and were able to stop the flow of blood before Humbwa lost consciousness.


The woman has since admitted to the crime claiming that she lost her temper because Humbwa would not look her in the eye during séx. She has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and faces up to 8 years in prison.