7 Things Women Do During Se_x That Men Hate


It’s supposed to be an intimate moment between us and we would really appreciate if the ladies avoid doing this in bed. Hope it won’t be too much to ask from the ladies.

Check out the stuffs women do during se_x that men hate

1. I know the se_x could get really exciting or maybe painful but please don’t attempt slapping him on the face during se_x as it ruins it for him.

2. Every man expects to see a lovely underwear when the clothes go off. Don’t ruin it by wearing some awkward undies my grannie would reject wearing.

3. Taking it out all on him when you don’t get to your peak during se_x. At least enjoy the moment and not worry about reaching your peak and you never might know.

4. Telling him how your ex kis$ing you like this or having se_x with you like that made se_x fun for you. Please spare your man the details. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING