Shock After 3 Men Rape Woman Live On Facebook


Three men in Uppsala, Sweden, were arrested on Sunday on suspicion of raping a woman and streaming the assault live to a private Facebook group. On Monday, the authorities urged people with access to the images showing the assault to make them available to investigators.

“Police and prosecutors have access to some of the images and video footage,” Magnus Berggren, a prosecutor in Uppsala, said at a news conference, the Swedish newspaper Expressen reported. “What we do not have access to is the segment showing the actual assault.”

Police officers were sent to an apartment in Uppsala, a university city about 40 miles north of Stockholm, shortly before 9 a.m. on Sunday after receiving several calls reporting a rape in progress that was being streamed live to a closed group on Facebook, Expressen reported.

The police arrested three men, 18, 20 and 24, at the apartment, Expressen reported.

“We are gathering evidence, technical evidence, but also interviewing,” Mr. Berggren said at the news conference. “We have questioned a number of people and there will be more interviews.”

While Facebook Live streams occur in real time, the videos can be replayed later by people with access to the page if the person who filmed it chooses that option, until the videos are taken down. There are ways for viewers to record the stream on computers or to take screenshots of it. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO