10 things women hate before s_ex


There are certain things women will not tolerate during se_x and you will be do well to stay away from doing them.

Most women have a long list of ‘don’ts’ that they want their man to know. So, instead of second guessing, just read this list and read her mind the next time you both are getting intimate.

1. Sloppy music

Music is the clincher as you get set to hit the sack. As you turn down the lights and turn on a little mood music, choose what you are making your gal listen to carefully. What you play may be an indication about where the night is headed. Avoid anything too girly ( Madonna, Avril Lavigne, Miley Cyrus) and do not play music with clear s_exual overtones (“Let’s Get It On,” “Se_xual Healing,” “I Wanna S_ex You Up”).

2. Turn off the phone

Have you ever answered a call mid-way during s_ex and lived to regret it? Turn your phone off while getting intimate with your lady love. Interruptions can really put a damper on your s_exual tempo, and if it is your mom calling, your girl is probably putting on her jacket and getting ready to leave.

3. Groping is out

Well, even though you might want to lay your hands on your gal, be recommend you exercise caution. Grabbing her boobs, pinching her ass or ripping open her clothes is a big turn off. Moving randomly from body part to body part is thoroughly confusing and never gives your girl a chance to get into the mood. Move slowly from one body part to the next — lightly caressing first, then with increased passion.

4. Begging

Most women have clearly defined limits, before the date about just how how far she is willing to go, but men can change their minds. At the end of the evening, give her a passionate kiss to sweep her off her feet. This is when she may just reconsider going home with you. If she still isn’t interested and expresses a clear discontent, do not whine or beg. If you beg, you will never get a second chance –ever. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING